OYO Hotel – Smartphone & Cloud to safeguard my wallet

OYO Hotel – Smartphone & Cloud to safeguard my wallet


OYO Hotel – Smartphone & Cloud to safeguard my wallet

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Enter OYO Hotel

Hotel stays are volatile, especially in developing countries like India. Having booked a room besides central bus station in a holy place,  was skeptical of the hotel safety. There were no security cameras. There was no safety locker. The room keys have master key that the service boys can use anytime. How would you preserve something in OYO hotel, while you move out for the Darshan (pilgrimage) of the God on seven hills?. Having thought a bit, I had to keep two most important pieces of my luggage while I move out for darshan. One is my smart phone, the other is my wallet. Both are extremely dear to me. Carrying them to the hill top is risky, unwanted burden.

I just need to take my ID card, bit of cash, some clothes. The hill top pilgrimage is hectic, with time scheduled for each devotee visit by means of printed barcode. Before the Darshan, I need to tonsure my head as offering to the Lord. Each of these has large queues, sometimes extending thousands of people on busy days. The Shrine Administration has provided places to collect mobiles, luggage from devotees before they visit the good Lord, it’s not something i wanted to pursue. Besides, the wallet still needs to be taken care of by devotees themselves .

Securing Wallet via Smart Phone & Cloud @ OYO Hotel

Unfortunate incidents of thefts, losing valuables in freak memory lapse or even confusion is widely recorded. This is the reason for my need to stock both my wallet and smart phone in the hotel while I seek the Lord’s darshan without ringing tension in mind.

Secure wallet using mobile in OYO Hotel.
Secure wallet using mobile in OYO Hotel.

 But how will I ensure the valuables in the OYO hotel are  safe? This is when my ingenious Jugaad (Indian  Innovation)brain worked. First I need a way to record  my stay at hotel. So I took a short video of myself in the  hotel room. This will establish my stay there surely.

Second step is how to stock the mobile and wallet? After looking for secret places to stock the valuables, was disappointed to find none such secret hidden gaps or holes.

But as always, there is room for thought. 

I just lifted the heavy bed on the cot, put my wallet below the heavy bed, then covered the bed with pillows. The bed and pillows over it would be my first layer of  defense. Wait, but what if the room boy checks in to find this hidden under the bed? Hmm. Tough  luck for me then. Splash. Got my break.

The solution was right in my hand , the smart phone. I shot a short video of myself placing the wallet under the bed, capturing the vital evidence needed in case my wallet is stolen from the room. My wallet is secured through my smart phone in OYO Hotel, but again, how to secure smart phone. I put my mobile below another part of the bed, covering it with pillows. But what if the room boy takes my wallet, mobile then deletes the video I shot to secure my wallet?

securing wallet using cloud at OYO hotel,
securing wallet using cloud at OYO hotel

Cloud Storage is the solution. I just posted the entire video of myself securing my wallet under the bed onto Google Drive. Ooh. So cool of me to use technology to solve my most pressing security problems in a budget hotel. With both wallet and smartphones secured in hotel, I ventured to the hill top peacefully. Had amazing darshan of the Lord.

I know you have a question, how is the smart phone secured? I can’t shoot a video of myself storing the phone under the bed, since that needs another smart phone which I didn’t carry. way is the logic, that the same thief who would steal my wallet would also steal my mobile. So the evidence that can prove his guilt for stealing wallet, the video on the Google drive, would also compliment for the missing phone. One evidence would prove two crimes. Two birds, one shot.

 Guess I am over worked by then, so didn’t feel the need to think any further. Having used my smart phone wisely, I not only insured my most valuables with evidence against theft, but also felt some pride in my skills at resolving complex scenarios with best of tools in the easiest of methods.

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