Constipation – Powerful Remedies

Constipation – Powerful Remedies


Constipation is an abnormality that plays havoc with the normal shit ejection process of the body.

Constipation 101

Every morning when you wakeup, the first thing in mind is to clear off the shit inside. This happens voluntarily thanks to the bowel mechanism & some smart bio clocks that trigger the unloading event. This happens in the morning, but also at times as needed to shred some shit. Constipation is an abnormality that plays havoc with the normal shit ejection process of the body.

Lucky are the ones that get this shit out, usually 15-30 minutes after sipping triggers like hot coffee or tea or milk. But there are some unlucky, frustrated, depressed individuals (you may be one) with Constipation who just cant get the monster out of their body system. This monster shit occupies your body, soul and mind, all at once. Nothing moves without making peace with this monster shit for that day. You fight, struggle, plead but the monster shit (Constipation) would just wont give away. Constipation that causes extremely uncomfortable flatulence, the near poisonous gases that are expelled like slow targeted missiles, making their way for more consolidation of the monster shit deep inside.

Sounds familiar to your daily experience ? Did you not eat shit to get that shit out ? Did you not pray to your over lord to help flush out that evil inside ? Did you think about this situation when you were eating that fast food shit like Pizza, Burger, Hotdogs ? Did you care to eat fiber rich foods like green vegetables, broccoli or liquids like curd or butter milk to ease your morning journeys ? I am sure you might have tried, don’t blame yourself, these are all human efforts to survive daily ordeals. Some of the foods we eat actually make it harder to shit out, especially foods that have heavy protein content.

Natural Remedies for Constipation

drinking water reduces Constipation
drinking water reduces Constipation

Water is a wonderful liquid. It has amazing abilities to ease your hard shit, by making it easily movable through your digestive tracts, forcing it to come out of the large intestine. Drinking two full glasses of water in the morning is highly recommended. Our body has 70% water, keep replenishing it every few hours.

eating bananas reduces Constipation
eating bananas reduces Constipation

Banana is a staple fruit in India & other countries. Banana is popularly known as bowel stimulator. This is true, since its proven for ages. India has tradition of offering banana to guests after food. You must have eaten banana occasionally, but remember, you need to consume a medium sized banana every night before you sleep. Banana also has Potassium, keeps your blood pressure in check. One banana a day, keeps the constipation away.

Magnesium 101

Even after all this trials, do you still find the need for some magic pill that can wage battles against the monster shit inside, and win too ? Welcome to the world of Magnesium. Yes, Magnesium Citrate is one such supplement, that can be boon for the victims of the Constipation Pandemic. Magnesium has long been known as one of the most essential mineral for various body requirements. Magnesium supports Bones, Muscle, Teeth and Enzyme functions. Magnesium aids metabolism, which means the shit inside your body starts melting.

Magnesium is a helper molecule for nearly 300 vital enzymes, this supplement is GOLD in its usage benefits. There are many magnesium supplements in the market, even you may eat magnesium rich foods. Since Magnesium Citrate supplements are widely available, can make one particular recommendation that is by my own usage experience. Have been using this Magnesium supplement for over three years, almost every day. Though not so much constipated, but was taking this for other benefits of Magnesium since my diet may not have needed magnesium. Surprise, my morning shitty sessions were a breeze.

You may ask, what’s the time it takes to release the monster shit after taking this magnesium citrate pill, I would say 30-45 minutes normally. For those with chronic constipation, expect 60 minutes wait time to unleash the power inside. This is my experience for past three years, every single day. The relaxed feeling of killing the monster inside by shitting him out, is quite a thing you too must experience. Please don’t mistake my recommendation as some advertising gimmick, which is not what my experience has been.

The Supplement for Constipation

So wont hold you long, here is the magnesium citrate supplement has been my morning companion since three years .Totally multilayered supplement, helps metabolism, removes muscle cramps, increases energy levels, above all, kills constipation.

WOW Life Science Magnesium Citrate 60 Capsules

This is the supplement that has made all the difference, be it regulating my morning bowel movement, or maintaining healthy metabolism or optimal energy levels. Even the muscle cramps are almost gone, thanks to its regular usage.

Dosage – One pill in the morning before breakfast . You may opt to take 2 in case you have chronic constipation. There are no side effects, since any extra magnesium is simply washed away in form of urine.

Constipation has been ruling your lives for quite sometimes, causing extreme physical and mental disturbances. Your business ,profession and relationships have suffered because of this evil inside that accumulates everyday. Take control of your bowels, your life. Happy Shitting, everyday.

Warning : The article only gives out genuine personal experience of the author, readers are advised to do their own research, study before adapting the solution.

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