Trumps Twitter war impacts 2 billion users, story behind the fiasco

Trumps Twitter war impacts 2 billion users, story behind the fiasco


Trump declares war on Twitter ,Social Media, exact implications of which will be known only after due study of the order .This is unprecedented in the history of America.

Trump declares war on Social Media, exact implications of which will be known only in due course of time .This is unprecedented in the history of America.

The core of the executive order is outlined in below, taken from the full order. The points outlined would ensure social media would not conduct or treat users with >

(i) increased scrutiny of users based on the other users they choose to follow, or their interactions with other users;

(ii) algorithms to suppress content or users based on indications of political alignment or viewpoint;

(iii) differential policies allowing for otherwise impermissible behavior, when committed by accounts associated with the Chinese Communist Party or other anti-democratic associations or governments;

(iv) reliance on third-party entities, including contractors, media organizations, and individuals, with indicia of bias to review content; and

(v) acts that limit the ability of users with particular viewpoints to earn money on the platform compared with other users similarly situated.

How did it all get to this point of inflection ? What brought a President of America, who relies on Social Media to run his Election Campaign, Administration to issue executive orders to curtail their editorial powers ?

Donald Trump pre 2016 Elections, Twitter was dormant

Long after the twitter fiasco, Donald Trump, President of America had issued an Executive Order. This order shall put breaks on the Social Media’s fast running campaign to check fake news. In the hindsight, the scenario that led to this situation goes back to 2016, when Trump was disconnected from Main Stream Media (MSM), as media houses like CNN,WSJ,MSNBC etc. rallied behind Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama was the most powerful force behind Hillary Clinton campaign to contest elections. Since Obama commended tremendous respect from MSM & Social Media, Hillary wanted to ride on that train fast.

Trump was not that much of a game on Social Media, but the Obama-Hillary Duo forced him to take the Social Media much more seriously. MSM never gave much grass to Trump, since he neither had political experience nor was he a decent looking, smooth talking diplomat like Obama. Obama has largest twitter following, but never used Twitter as political tool against opponents. Obama was mostly directing his administration from white house like all presidents. Twitter never felt the need to cross check Obama’s tweets anytime. Twitter was politically dormant.

Donald Trump’s post 2016 Elections, Twitter becomes White House

Trump had odds in every corner of the political spectrum imaginable. Myself have been tracking closely the 2016 Campaign sitting in Internet Parlor for hours together daily from India. Like all those pundits, my take was Hillary would win the elections with a thin margin. This was the opinion of almost all of the MSM excluding few right wing websites that supported Trump.

Alas, Donald Trump won the elections, Hillary Lost. This was a turning point leading to WW3 between Trump and MSM. Nothing that MSM would gain from opposing Trump, but this was not to be taken lightly by Trump. His twitter following Skyrocketed, reaching tens of millions. Trump has this army of followers who would fight Tweet per tweet parched earth battle against the political opponents. Many times the tweets were bordering fake news, but this happened from either side.

The whole Twitter led administration style, first in history of American politics, gave new dimension to how America would conduct her affairs in international media. Trump would go ballistic against his opponents, sometimes bringing personal matters into public.Twitter though has policies for dealing with tweets violating rules. But dealing with tweets coming from the most powerful man in the world is definitely a challenge. Trump gave opportunities to his opponents to become even more vile. Many citizens took themselves upon to attack Trump with crude jokes, insults and sometimes outright fake news. The barrage of shitty tweets exchanged between Trump & his opponents has reached momentous proportions.

Russian Interference

Democrats dossier on Russian Interference was the start of the most disgusting, hateful, unprincipled period of Twitter battles. Unprecedented was this period, since it gave official sanction to fake news. Twitter never thought of verifying tweets in this period of time. Twitter did not question the logic of the dossier nor the procedure followed. MSM kept the narrative alive, that Russia some how changed the fortunes of Trump. Russia did this, did that. MSM was like Russia literally put Trump in the White House denying the most truthful woman a chance to rule America.

MSM brought it onto themselves by aligning with Obama-Hillary nostalgia even after clear cut win for Trump. Discrediting a democratically elected President in the most unflinching manner is unbecoming of the media. Any difference of opinion must be debated on terms rising from the situation, but MSM made Trump their central focus of distaste. Trump is like a spring, the more you hold it, the more it swings out. Trump elevated himself in the twitter school of politics, almost tens of tweets daily, at odd hours, even during midnight. Most of these are about political events, crimes in society, most important, the coming elections in November-2020.

Twitter Revolts

Twitter must have understood that the only way to stop this tweet wars is to interfere. But where to start the interference, there are millions of users, billions of tweets. Why not start with the President himself ? Thus twitter started tagging, see this tweet that was tagged by Twitter as violating rules about tweeting on violence in Minneapolis.

When the looting starts, the shooting starts”

Donald Trump , President of America

Yes, these are the kinds of tweets that Twitter feels must be tagged. Noble initiative, but considering the billions of tweets made daily, by millions of users, will Twitter succeed in the moral policing efforts ? Let me know in your comments below.

How did the founder of Twitter respond to Trump ? its worth noting the humility, though there are huge challenges for him to make this a wider policy applicable to all users of Twitter.

Guess what, the Twitter is going to be lot more interesting arena . The war has only begun, there are many more fake news to be peddled, many more personalities to be destroyed. Social Media has to draw out an appropriate plan to respond. Keeping in mind there are billions of users around the world, with millions of opinions to ditch out every single day. Tweet, Tweet.

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